Caius Rickard (Kai-Kai)

Caius on "The Brain"

Setting: There are a few things that I am constantly thinking about whenever I go about setting a route. The first would be thinking of moves or sequences that I  have done outside on real rock. I try and pull ideas from these experiences as much as possible because nobody sets a better route than Mother Nature. Second, I always try and set moves and use holds that are easy on the body; there is no sense in setting tweaky moves that will injure climbers. Lastly, I try and set a variety of styles in order to help people improve every aspect of their climbing.

Setter Beta:
Favorite Hold: E-grips Bubble Wrap Ledges
Favorite Move: Thuggy man moves
Loathed Move: Scrunchy toe hooks
Favorite Local Climbing Area: Sawmill Creek Dome
Favorite Climbing Area Abroad: Stone Fort, TN
Strengths: Aside from ensnaring women with my golden-brown locks, shouldery moves and reachy moves
Weaknesses: Women who drive mini-vans, tiny crimps and high steps
Proudest Sends: Graduating High School and “Mike’s Left”

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