Nick Smith (NS)

I love getting lost in trying to create or solve a certain sequence or problem. Setting is just an extension of climbing for me. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the world, it all dissipates when I climb onto the wall or rock (if i’m lucky). I love watching people climb routes and noticing the different ways they use their movement and specific strengths to complete a sequence. I could talk to setters and climbers about routes and solving sequences all day! So if you see me around, come and talk to me about what you like and most importantly what you dislike.

Setter Beta:
Favorite Hold: Micro crimps, slopers and fat pinches
Favorite Move: High steps and anything that engages the legs
Loathed Move: Unnecessary reachiness and awkwardness
Favorite Local Climbing Area: Sawmill for bouldering and Red Wing for sport
Favorite Climbing Area Abroad: Red River Gorge
Strengths: Determination and persistence
Weakness: Procrastination and organization
Proudest Sends: Preemptive Strike, Keebler Traverse

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